3 Redhill Theme, Links Underlining Problem 3/11/20

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  • All links appear underlined, when viewed in the editor.
  • PROBLEM: When viewed in the browser, the bullet and numbered list links FAIL to show underlined.
  • The 2 below screen-captures attempt to show this.
    • The 1st image shows the “edit” window.
      • Note that ALL links display as underlined.
    • The 2nd image shows the “browser” window.
      • Note that the LIST links FAIL to display as underlined.

The text used to make these 2 screen captures is on Page 2 – Redhill Demo Text

Additional Notes:

  • I first had this problem with the links-not-underlining with the blog at MeridianManorDance.wordpress.com .
  • When I changed that blog‘s the theme to ‘Twenty Twenty‘, the problem with the links seemed to dissappear (all the links now seem to display underlined).

((The original discussion started at
https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/publishing-failed-an-unknown-error-occurred ))

Image 1 – Edit Window

The above Image 1 shows the EDIT window (all links show underlined)

Image 2 – Browser Window

The above Image 2 shows the BROWSER window (the LIST links FAIL to show underlined) (This is screen-captured from Page 2)